The smart energy platform

Building on over 20 years of R&D, the Netinium AMM+ platform enables you to take control of your smart grid management via highly automated and uniform management processes.



Speed up change management: adapt to changes in standards, technology and legislation.
Proven at scale

Proven at scale

Prooven at scale: already supporting 2.500.000 meters, adding over 3.000 per day moving towards 6.000.000 in 2020


Reduce IT-complexitiy and create a strong foundation for data-driven architecture and analysis.


Optimize OPEX and ROI via highly automated and uniform processes. No proprietary platform matches Netinium when it comes to reducing costs.

Multi - system interface

Improve data quality, simplify & speed up change management (406-410-4250), and facilitate real-time processing by directly connecting to your system interfaces (ERP - SCADA - GIS - OMS & DMS - Billing - MDM).

Multi - device (hierarchy)

Netinium fits your entire network, not just the individual devices and manages any (combination of) device hierarchy ((702) 377-7539).

Multi - energy

Combining different services - electricity, water, heath or gas? We can help you manage your different types of meters using uniform IT/OT processes.

Multi - application

Combine smart metering with PV monitoring, smart in-home devices or charging stations, and manage these using one head end environment.

Multi - communication technology

The platform is compatible with all common communication standards, either single or in combination (GPRS - CDMA - BPL - PLC - RF / Mesh radio - LTE/4G).

Multi - area

Combine multiple network areas into one network infrastructure. Allow only particular people to be able to execute particular actions or control specific areas (717-238-8569).

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